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Our Business

We are devoted to providing various high-quality products and materials to many industries on the global market. With the presence of our existing and upcoming portals, we offer selections of products and materials within each of our business verticals.


Every day, basic chemicals are produced massively by the industry to meet needs on a commercial and industrial scale. As the need for basic chemicals in many critical sectors increases, it certainly shows how important chemicals are to meet daily needs. Tradeasia through its business unit Chemtradeasia offers a wide range of chemicals and raw materials to meet the needs of industry players to develop their business. From the food industry to the textile industry, Tradeasia as an international chemical supplier provides chemicals and raw materials in large quantities with various types of packaging and grade. With 500+ chemicals and raw materials, Tradeasia may support your industrial business to evolve in no time.


Polymers are essential in everyday life since most stuff or goods around us are built from polymers. No wonder polymers are manufactured every day to meet human needs. Starts from clothing made from synthetic fibers, plastic cups made from polyethylene to the foam cushion made from polyurethane, polymers are everywhere, either from industrial scales or commercial scales. Tradeasia introducing you to Plastradeasia, a business web portal that will meet your needs in the polymer at an industrial scale. Selling in a bulk quantity with various packaging and grade, Tradeasia as a polymers supplier is devoted to giving you the best service to grow your industry.

Circular Economy

Tradeasia is committed to providing raw materials based on a circular economy strategy. With the approach of restorative by design, the products are highly recyclable, thus can maintain the selling and use-value of products by recovering the products at their end of life and recycling to obtain new products. Tradeasia as a scrap and waste supplier provides scrap and waste commodities in a bulk quantity to meet your market demands for the circular economy business.