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We strive to provide an effective supply chain by a solution-oriented approach through our online network. To achieve that, we use various systems to integrate different factors for maximizing our services.

Customer Engagement System

Our focus is on providing the best customer journey through our integrated customer engagement system. We are reaching our customers both physically and digitally while enabling our customers to reach us through various online engagements to ensure our availability and reliability, while also utilizing Pardot and Salesforce to optimize our marketing automation.

IT-Enabled Marketing System

By aligning IT systems, we are linking several online systems to optimize our capacity to reach and stay in touch with our customers through our dedicated customer service and experienced sales executive. With this in mind, we are seeking value creation in customer relationships by the usage of innovative technologies.

Integrated Transaction System

We are more connected, secure, accessible, reliable, and dependable through our integrated transaction system. With our usage and development of cloud-based systems, we aim to create an interconnection between our departments to ensure a fast-paced and trackable transaction between our suppliers and customers.

Automated Shipment Tracking

We deliver efficiently through our own logistics company and our global logistics network. We provide the most convenient tracking tool to keep you up to date on the go, so you can monitor your luggage from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It puts all the power of Tradeasia in the palm of your hand.